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    Council Member Jim - Master of Laws



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    Council Member Jim - Master of Laws

    Post by LoveAndHeartbreak on Thu May 26, 2016 4:07 pm

    Judge: LoveAndHeartbreak

    Position: Master of Laws

    House: WIP

    Background: Jim was a good friend to the former king, as well as a great adviser in regards to legal matters. Jim has had to prove himself to everyone in the palace that he is worthy of his position, regardless of his young age (15). His family was extremely close to the king and his connections, and therefore, he had to learn as much as he could to meet his family expectations by putting himself as close to the king as he possibly could. The position for Master of Laws was open at the time Jim arrived, and after seeing his dedication and intellect on the matters of law within the kingdom, the King appointed Jim his position and he maintained it even when certain odds were against him.

    Personality: Jim was once open and happy to greet the day with the hope of learning something new and valuable from the king himself, but after the misfortune of the King's passing, Jim has now hardened a bit, and he unintentionally built walls around himself to avoid the possibility of losing a close friend again. He takes his position in the palace very seriously and it's rare that anyone ever sees him outside in the general public; unless it's related to his job.


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