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    Council Member Miguel - Master of Coin



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    Council Member Miguel - Master of Coin

    Post by Blissbirdie on Thu May 26, 2016 3:32 pm

    Judge: Blissbirdie

    Position: the realm's chief treasurer and bookkeeper.

    House: Baratheon

    Personality: intelligent, sly, mercurial, affable

    Appearance: Like in the movie, but I've slightly changed his color sheme. His hair is light-brown and his shirt is light-green color. Jane also usually wears dark or light green (sometimes with golden pattern) dresses.

    Background: Miguel is a young (25 y.o.), ambitious man with a quick wit and generous smile. He is the youngest son of the head of the house - Lord N. Baratheon. From an early age Miguel prefered his trainings with a dad's axe to their maester's company with a couple of books in addition. The boy still was raised like a proper member of his family and learned everything that needed to be learned. He worked very hard, and, besides the exact sciences, he especially succeeded and loved fencing. For several years he also studied at the Citadel. However, he was brought back (around age 20) in the Storm's End by his father, before he could forge enough links to make a chain.

    By the help of his father Miguel, with his pursuit of numeracy and literacy, took a place in King's council, as a Master of Coin. The young man understood, that it wasn't the most prestigious position in the realm, but he carried his service with dignity. It was the place that he beloned, the place where he truly could help the realm. Besides, if he didn't move to the King's Landing, he wouldn't meet the love of his life - Jane Mormont.

    Nowadays, they both live in the King's Landing and Jane, his wife, is carring a child, who can be a possible future hire of the house Baratheon, because Miguel's older brother doesn't have any kids yet.

    Secondary Character: Jane Baratheon (Born in the house of Mormont)

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