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    Council Member Cinderella - Master of Whisperes



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    Council Member Cinderella - Master of Whisperes

    Post by EvilSquirrelQueen on Fri May 20, 2016 3:44 pm

    Judge: EvilSquirrelQueen

    Title Description:  
    The realm's chief intelligence advisor and spymaster, supervising covert activities and information gathering, both at home and abroad.

    Cinderella appears to be a kind and caring woman with a good heart. Simply someone that could be your mother or older sister or your little daughter. However things are not always as they seem. As nice she might appear, as cruel she can be just as well if needed. There are only few people that can look through the walls she built around her and even fewer she actually lets break through her walls freely. (One being one of the council members)

    Cinderella grew up as part of the Stark family and therefore spend most of her time in the North. However she always had a need for traveling inside her yet at first mainly since she isn´t too much of a fan for eternal winter. Luckily for her she indeed got the chances to accompany her father and other family members on journerys during which she also was able to start connections. With time and a lot of research Cinderella got to learn over the years who she herself could trust and who not, just as well with who to form alliances and who to hire to get things done. In the end it was her families name as well as her growing experiences and successes regarding gathering information and handling diplomatic issues which got her first at the castle and soon enough the position as Master of Whisperes. During the time the former king Arthur lived Cinderella grew to be rather a mother figure than being just a part of a council and did advice the king as best as she could. He was one of the very few persons she actually cared about.

    Secondary Character: Proteus Tyrell ((direct relative to)head of house Tyrell)

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