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    Council Member Shang - Hand Of The King



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    Council Member Shang - Hand Of The King

    Post by FableSecrets on Tue May 17, 2016 5:46 pm

    Judge: FableSecrets

    Title Description: Chairs the small council, serves as the King's/Queen's proxy during his/her absences.

    Personality: Shang takes his council position very seriously. It is rare to catch him in a calm or playful mood. He is very stubborn and bullheaded. He is very loyal to the King/Queen.

    Background: Shang grew up in the kingdom of Dorne as part of the House Martell. He had a strict upbringing, and was taught to be loyal to the King. When he got older, he received the title of Hand Of The King, for being extremely loyal to the Royal family. He grew to care about the late King Arthur as a son or a brother and was extremely protective of him. It is rare to catch him in a situation that does not relate to his duties as Hand Of The King.

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