Welcome. Here you will find detailed information about the contest. I wish you all luck. And remember. When you play the Game Of Thrones, you win or you die.

    Auditions: Showcasing Your Worth



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    Auditions: Showcasing Your Worth

    Post by FableSecrets on Fri May 20, 2016 1:46 pm

    Hosted by: All Council Members

    Welcome to the first annual Game Of Thrones Competition!

    During the course of the contest you will be tested on your leadership abilities, and fitness for the right to the Iron Throne.

    For your audition, we will be looking for a bit of your back story, as well as why you think you deserve the right to compete for the Iron Throne.

    Somewhere in your video you will need to have your character see this poster: mediafire.com view/qm7971145g012qc/Image1295.jpg
    You will show us your characters backstory, as well as them going to the castle for an interview with one of the council members.
    (you may pick any of them for the interview)

    *The red keep is being represented by the castle from Sinbad*

    Editing Challenge: Your audition is a chance to showcase your skills as an editor, so you have free reign with this one. Show us your best(:

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